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Family Law

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Family Law

Should you choose to use the legal services of the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C., you can expect a comfortable environment where you can freely discuss your concerns, as well as ethical and zealous representation.
Amicus Attorney

Sometimes the best interests of the child may differ from the interests of their parents. When appointed as an Amicus Attorney, the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. will provide legal services necessary to assist the court in protecting a child’s best interests in suits other than suits filed by a governmental entity.

Child Support

When child support is established, a court will establish the amount of monthly child support and medical support for which the non-custodial parent is responsible. Our office presents relevant evidence to petition for realistic amounts - amounts that a parent can afford and amounts that properly address a child's needs.

Child Custody

Whether you are seeking joint or sole custody of your children, it is important to ensure that your rights to possession and access are protected. Unless restricted or terminated by court order, all parents have certain rights when their children are in their care. Our office can provide the necessary experience to advocate for a child custody order customized to your family's lifestyle.


The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C provide representation for adoptive parents as they journey through the adoption process. Not only will the firm represent adoptive parents in court proceedings, but our attorneys will also provide the guidance and support necessary to complete an adoption with as little unneeded stress as possible.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a fact of life for many families. It can be hard for families to ask for help and move toward a healthy and safe environment and life. The courts in Texas are very clear that family violence is not acceptable. Contact us to understand the steps you need to take immediately to protect your rights.


Has a job change, relocation, desire to spend more time with your child or other reasons necessitated a modification to your existing child custody or child support arrangement? After a period of time, the terms of your court decree may no longer be appropriate. An experienced family law attorney can petition to have help you change prior agreements or Court orders.


Once a Court renders its decision, a party may file a motion to enforce the court order if an order's provision is violated. A party's failure to abide by the court order is enforceable by contempt. In some situations a party may be subject to fines or imprisonment. Our office has experience in enforcing and defending enforcement proceedings.

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The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. adheres to high ethical standards. Each client is treated with the utmost honesty, integrity and discretion. Whether negotiating an intricate financial settlement or litigating a hotly contested marital dispute, The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. maintains strict confidentiality with respect to every client’s concerns.

Our focus is to reach amicable settlement agreements in all cases. The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. does not shy away from litigation and has argued hundreds upon hundreds of trials. Also, the office has a proven track record of being able to reach amicable settlement agreements. The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. believes that a family attorney must be an experienced and effective litigator, understanding the likely outcomes of each issue, before they are able to achieve the best results.