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Attorney Ad Litems

What The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. Want Placements to Know

The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. Attorney Ad litems, Will:

  1. Meet with the child before each court hearing, or the individual with whom the child ordinarily resides if the child is younger than four years of age. The attorney has immediate access to the child and any information relating to the child.
  2. Advise the child in an age appropriate manner and engage the child in shaping the attorney’s representation.
  3. Interview the child and each person who has significant knowledge of the child, such as the biological parents, foster parents, therapists, and teachers.
  4. Obtain and review copies of relevant records relating to the child.
  5. Participate in any case staffing concerning the child conducted by an authorized agency
  6. Represent the child during the proceedings and, if appropriate, assist the child in participating in the litigation.

We take the representation of children very seriously. During a time when they may feel powerless, we encourage them to find their voices and insist that others hear them - Alicia Fortson, Attorney

Foster Parents Can:

Inform us of significant events or developments which occur between visits. For example, please let us know about ARDs meetings, outcries, and even birthday parties..

Provide copies of any correspondence (ex., emails) and reports (ex., doctor notes or school notes). Please contact us before incurring any additional expenses such as copying fees.

Notify us if special needs or circumstances arise which impact the child’s best interests.

Ensure that the child has privacy whenever calling or meeting with the attorney.

Let us know how the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. can be of better assistance to the child.

Q & A

My foster child already has a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) or CASA (Child Advocate). Why does he need an Attorney Ad Litem (AAL) too?

An AAL advocates and represents the child’s voice in and out of court. In short, an AAL will act as the independent, legal representative. A GAL advocates the child’s best interests as the GAL determines. Unless a separate GAL is appointed, the AAL will act as both AAL and GAL.

Can the AAL give me answers about the case and the biological parents?

Perhaps, but first, the AAL represents the child and owes the child confidentiality. Please communicate any questions you may have to the AAL. The AAL will do as best she can to provide answers, support, and resources.

The AAL keeps showing up unannounced at the kids’ school. Shouldn’t she call me first to get permission?

AALs have immediate, confidential access to their clients. Often school is a secure area for private attorney-client communication. Please communicate any testing schedules or other potential conflicts.

At the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. we want you to know we care from our first interaction.