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Alicia Fortson

Alicia Fortson graduated from the University of Texas School of Law with her Juris Doctorate in 1998. During law school, she clerked with the highest state criminal court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and interned with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Her role as a regional officer of a law school organization afforded her the opportunity to meet and to lunch with a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

After law school, Alicia’s first two clients could not have been more different.  The first was a seven-day-old baby girl, the subject of a parent-child relationship case.  The second was a president of a technology corporation with an emerging new line.  Every client is always different, but there are some basic values that remain the same – integrity, aggressive competent advocacy and confidentiality.

Thus, from the beginning of her practice, Alicia committed to these core values.  Time and experience have not swayed this approach, but instead added another layer – community involvement.  She provides her legal counseling pro bono for church leadership teams and local bar associations. Alicia also served on various boards of directors, provided legal advice on community radio stations and established a community college free entrepreneurs lecture series.

Personally, Alicia enjoys being a wife, mother, active church member and entrepreneur.  If you would like to schedule Alicia Fortson to speak to your community organization, please contact us.