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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning can help you plan and manage your life, not just your death. A person’s estate is composed of all property owned by an individual including both real and personal property. An estate plan can maximize applicable tax shelters and address how individuals would like to be cared for when they can no longer express their wishes.

Help property titles pass easier and faster.

Avoid heavy court intervention by appointing an Independent Executor to carry out terms of Will.

Qualify a responsible person to be executor by waiving bond requirements.

Protect estate from creditors.

Prepare directions for the care of your health and property now before you are unable to communicate your desires.

Ease loved ones’ minds and limit family and friend squabbles. Too many surprisingly fight over the “little things.”

Distribute estate debt so that one person does not pay off all debts and another inherits debt free.

Provide guidance to  younger, inexperienced loved ones who may be corrupted by inheriting too much, too fast.

Ease financial strain of your funeral arrangements.

Avoid or limit estate taxes at your death. Estate taxes generally affect estates worth millions.

Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C.

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Estate Planning Tools

Individuals can be prepared to face life’s inevitable changes by effectively using tools such as Power of Attorneys, Medical Power of Attorneys, Living Trusts, and Declaration of Guardianships. The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C.’s goal is to provide the least intrusive and most cost effective method of legal support in meeting Estate Planning needs.

Last Will and Testament

Names a person, an Executor, to follow your directives in transferring your property at death.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Authorizes a trustworthy person to act on your behalf.

Medical Power of Attorney

Appoints a person to make health care decisions for you should you be incapacitated.

Appointment of Guardian For Yourself Before the Need Arises

Communicates whom you desire to be your guardian should the need ever arise.

Appointment of Guardian For Minor Children

Designates the person who will serve as guardian of your children after the death of both parents.

Directive To Physician (Living Will - Different From Living Trust)

Expresses your desires concerning medical efforts when death is imminent or will result within a relatively short time without application of life-sustaining procedures.

Living Trust

Allows you to put your property into the management of a trustee while you are alive.