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The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P. C. provides assertive legal advice and representation to clients in the Harris and surrounding Texas counties.

At the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C., we are passionate about law – period. The array of practice areas covered makes this office incredibly well versed in law, Texas law specifically. However, regardless the practice area, all cases have an element of truth. When we fight for clients, we are searching for that truth – that which is right …and fair. We take pride in our hands-on approach in educating our clients, so to empower them to make informed decisions while having a full understanding of the laws that affect their lives. The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. believes every voice should be heard. With experienced representation, dedicated service and a finger to the pulse on all things law… Together we will!

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The Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. provides affordable solutions which are tailored to the unique needs of each client. For every matter retained, the Law Offices of A. G. Fortson, P.C. employs result-driven strategies designed to exceed the expectations of the client.
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Alicia Fortson is a very good attorney. She was very hands-on with her clients and case management in the Family Intervention-Infant Toddler Court program. Whether she was the parent’s attorney or the children’s attorney ad litem, she always zealously represented her client’s position and made sure her client’s voice was heard in court. We also appreciated her presentations at Drug Court trainings and the KITS Conference to make those events successful. She is someone that this court could always depend on to make sure her client receive the services they needed.

Regina J.

Alicia Fortson was extremely helpful when advising me during my separation. Besides the legal advice that she gave me, she was also able to help me get through the emotional trauma that came along with my separation and divorce. I would recommend Alicia to anyone who was seeking legal advice from an attorney with the interpersonal skills, along with the professionalism and communication skills, needed to get the job done successfully and efficiently.

Toni H.

Alicia Fortson is a very good attorney as well as goes above and beyond for the children and parents that she represent. Ms. Fortson ensure her clients are getting the services that they need. Mrs. Fortson also is contributing her genuine passion and enthusiasm for family law.

Whalenniel G-B

Attorney, A.G. Fortson, is an expert in her field. She uses her knowledge of the law to practice with an ethical, balanced, and thoughtful mindset. This office has a keen understanding of the sensitivities surrounding families and the life factors that affect them and will fight for the best outcome of their clients. Law Offices of A.G. Fortson can be trusted.

Mwauna M.

I live in Georgia, but over the last two decades I have had the pleasure of hiring A. G. Fortson to manage several legal matters that have arisen in Texas. Her firm is professional and her work is meticulous. In the past, I have wholeheartedly referred family and friends to her. I would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

Genna A.